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“Instant refreshments training” begin in FDF

As 1st July onwards any reservist in Finland can be called up on “instant notice”, untill this reservists were required to have at least three months of prior notice. This will of course be the regular case from this on … Continue reading

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Tour de Sky 2016 in Kuopio Rissala

Last weekend in 18th and 19th of June we had in Corfu Tour de ski 2016 all the major participants in 8X program where they are to one degree or another.  I had the pleasure to be invited into Tour … Continue reading

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REblog Air dominance isn’t what it used to be.

Wife has been keeping me rather busy, but I’ll get around to writing about the Tour de Sky in Kuopio. Beautiful fighters were seen and smart and nice people were met. But more of that to come. This peace was … Continue reading

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Yle, laadukasta ja puolueetonta tiedonvälitystä?

Googletin tuossa aamulla huvikseni mitä Yle on kirjoittanut EU komission hyvin epäsuosittusta ampuma-ase direktiivistä.  Näyttää, että vuodenvaihteen 2016 jälkeen asiasta ei YLEllä ole tiedetty mitään. Onko Ylellä tässä asiassa on tiedotuskielto vai katsooko Yle parhaaksi olla  nostamatta EU kriittisyyttä asiasta. … Continue reading

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Vielä vilkaisu Venäjän toimiin Ukrainassa ja Baltiassa

Israeli strategist Martin van Creveld is one of the most interesting and engaging writers on the subject (surprisingly, most of the people who read him back in the 80s didn’t have any idea he was Israeli, not that it matters). … Continue reading

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