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Interesting Times in HX-program

The Request for Quotation’s for HX-program  (in Finnish) have been transferred to ministry of Defence by last of January. All contenders are still abroad. BUT: The “Champagne Communist” party of Finland the Vasemmistoliitto has made sort of demand that planes … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t the sales record of the Typhoon match its combat capability?

Eli Britanniassa ollaan huolissaan Eurofighter Typhoonin kehityskaaresta ja myynnistä. Tässä teksti englanniksi. Sitten kommentaari ja referointi 1. kotimaisella. Alkuperäinen teksti on: https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/doesnt-sales-record-typhoon-match-combat-capability/ Lainaus Alkaa: BAE is set to cut 2,000 jobs across the UK, mainly from it’s aviation sector. Orders have … Continue reading

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SAAB Gripen E on päättänyt koelento-ohjelmansa ensimäisen vaiheen

Suomen SAAB tiedotti 25.10.2017  Facebookissa Gripen E:n ensimäisen koelento-ohjelman saattamisesta päätökseen. Yliäänivalli on siis rikottu, ja nyt aletaan varmistamaan koneen käyttäytymistä erilaisilla kohtauskulmilla ja erilaisilla nopeuksilla. SAABilla on siis todettu, että kone lentää ja moottori toimii, ja nyt tutkitaan sitä, että … Continue reading

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Boeing calling it a day in Belgian Fighter program

Today Boeing announced that they will not be participating further in Belgiums F-16 fighter replacement program. They cuote as a reason unlevel “playing field”. This is underrestood as a stoneaxe toward US government direction rather than the competition in Europe. … Continue reading

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Dassault Rafale not interrested or ready to throw in the towel?

I have been most disappointed with the Dassault’s quietness in the HX-Program of Finland. Swedish SAAB and Eurofighter consortium have been very active in there campaign to secure procurement for about 60 to 100 of their planes for Finish Air Force. … Continue reading

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Euro-canards going head to head: a bit of pros and cons.

HX-program is still on the works, and so are the speculaations of “what should we pick” is in its infant stages. In order to get some kind of an idea how Eurofighter Typhoon, SAAB Gripen and Dassault Rafale compare among … Continue reading

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Tour de Sky 2016 in Kuopio Rissala

Last weekend in 18th and 19th of June we had in Corfu Tour de ski 2016 all the major participants in 8X program where they are to one degree or another.  I had the pleasure to be invited into Tour … Continue reading

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