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Typhoons in Archipelago sea

This is fifth and the last installment of  the “Grab of Åland islands scenario”. And the scenario explores the use of Eurofighter Typhoons as the HX fighter. video is of Eurofighter Typhoons performance in Seinäjoki 2017.   Typhoon’s CAPTOR E … Continue reading

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Parlamentary elections are over

So we are done with parliamentary elections. Results are mixed as leftie-greenie block of Socialists- green party-communists didn’t get enough seats to run things. So it wuld not be bad to have Real Finns-liberals (kokoomus)- and conservatists(keskusta) coalition government. This … Continue reading

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A bit Deeper Look at the Boeing’s Loyal Wingman

I’m going to look a bit of stealth capabilities of Boeing’s Loyal Wingman in general terms, and what would this kind of capability bring to table concerning the HX-program. The sensor and weapon packages for LW are still unknown, but … Continue reading

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