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Gripens on Haukkavuori

This is the last instalment of SEAD/ Air to ground scenario against Russian installations on Suursaari (Hogland) island. If you want to read about the premises of the scenario, the basis is HERE. First three quite important things that you … Continue reading

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Sarvikuonoja Suomenlahdella

Jos Rafale on HX-kisan musta hevonen, on F/A-18E/F/G saman tarinan äänetön kostaja. Siinä on kaikki Hornetin hyvät puolet, mutta enemmän niitä: Massiivinen asekuorma, sille on tai siihen tulee saamaan KAIKKI, siis IHAN KAIKKI, lännessä tulossa olevat ja suunnittelupöydillä vielä kehittyvät … Continue reading

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Gripens penetrating Petersburg

This is instalment two of the HX FRP scenarios. It is a deep strike/OCA/interdiction mission into Neva and Tver. You can read the basic info from the link before. Also, SAAB’s bid had two SAAB’s “mini awacs” type of planes. … Continue reading

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A bit Deeper Look at the Boeing’s Loyal Wingman

I’m going to look a bit of stealth capabilities of Boeing’s Loyal Wingman in general terms, and what would this kind of capability bring to table concerning the HX-program. The sensor and weapon packages for LW are still unknown, but … Continue reading

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General Elections 2019 and HX Program

There will be General Elections in Finland in Spring and polling in beginning of December shows a strong possibility of an Socialist Prime minister. This one done by YLE. This could pave the way for Green-Red coalition government, which would … Continue reading

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Rafales to Rescue

The Rafales for the Rescue The base scenario can be read from HERE and other instalments of scenario can be read also: Gripen, F/A-18 E/F/G, Eurofighter Typhoon and Lockheed F-35. Disclaimer: I work with open sources, and have not any … Continue reading

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HX-program Current Issues

The Finnish Ministry of defense and Air Force is going to send that Pretender over HX fighter repair a replacement program later in this spring. the candidates are as I’m sure everybody is aware of Eurofighter typhoon, Boeing F/A-18 E/F/G … Continue reading

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A bit of news in HX-program

Finnish defense forces weekly “Ruotuväki” published an interview with strategic programs chief Mr Lauri Puranen. The gist of the thing is that in next spring a tender for 64 fighters. So F/A-18 C/Ds will be replaced on 1:1 basis. This … Continue reading

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