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A bit of pillow talk about of HX-program part II

Minister of defense Antti Kaikkonen‘s statement along the lines that “industry co-operation, war time security of supply, and foreign policy aspects were gateway to capabilities evaluation”, and “we went military capabilities forward” never rang well to my ears and after … Continue reading

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EU Strategy meeting in Slovenia: Implications to HX-program

EU magnates had a dinner and meeting in beutiful Slovenia. The most pressing matter is European Union’s strategic position within world. EU is mighty weak strategically, because there if many different factions within EU who push and pull into different … Continue reading

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Kaivari21: How does the HX race seem at the mid of August 2021.

The Finnish main aviation event was again in last weekend. All Hornet replacement program (HX-program) hopefuls were in attendance some with mock ups and all with pavillions. All HX fighters were in air and Gripen E made first appearance in … Continue reading

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Last Walz in Kannas Results are getting in! The Typhoon.

It has been a long while since I last wrote about the HX-things in this Blog. Now that Kaisaniemi air day is almost upon us maybe it is time to make something. Again Command modern operations is a game, not … Continue reading

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Winter Defensive Counter Air in Lapland: What can we deduct?

AS I have pointed out quite many times, Command Modern Operations is COMMERCIAL software, ie a game, a very simulation oriented, very realistic but still a game. So the scenarios done here will not be 100% accurate representation of actual … Continue reading

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Typhoons in Arctic evening

This scenario is introduced in post Scenario 3 Defensive counter air in Arctic. Typhoon is the clearest Air Superiority platform of the HX-hopefulls, and has speed, agility and altitude advantage to all other candidates in Finnish fighter replacement program. THe … Continue reading

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Typhoons over Suurkylä

This is second to last installment over Ground/SEAD mission over Suursaari area. The general plan is laid out HERE if you like to read the general plan before googling the video. Typhoon is the thoroughbred, well at least the most … Continue reading

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YLEn HX-juttu, pari huomiota

YLE julkaisi 17.5.2019 sinänsä ansiokkaan jutun aiheesta HX-hankinnat, mutta haluaisin kommentoida muutamaa asiaa. YLEn juttu on luettavissa kokonaisuudessaan TÄÄLLÄ. Lainaan tässä muutaman kappaleen jutusta ja retostelen niitä asiaa selventääkseni. “Jos Hornet sinällään oli jo hieman suurehko ja raskas kone Suomen … Continue reading

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Typhoons in Archipelago sea

This is fifth and the last installment of  the “Grab of Åland islands scenario”. And the scenario explores the use of Eurofighter Typhoons as the HX fighter. video is of Eurofighter Typhoons performance in Seinäjoki 2017.   Typhoon’s CAPTOR E … Continue reading

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HX-ohjelman kilpailijamaiden ratkaisut, mitä Suomen oikeastaan pitäisi tehdä?

HX-ohjelman tarjouspyyntö lähetettiin 27.4.2018. Kuten kuulimme vidoestriimissä Jussi Niinistön sanomana, että “Suomi hakee yhden koneen mallia” [joskin F/A-18E/F ja ELSO G Rhino koneet katsotaan samaksi malliksi].  Samaa sanotaan ohjelmajohtaja Lauri Purasen blokitekstissä. (Hävittäjästä puhutaan koko ajan yksikössä). Tämä tarkoittaa, että … Continue reading

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