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Typhoons in Arctic evening

This scenario is introduced in post Scenario 3 Defensive counter air in Arctic. Typhoon is the clearest Air Superiority platform of the HX-hopefulls, and has speed, agility and altitude advantage to all other candidates in Finnish fighter replacement program. THe … Continue reading

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HX scenario number 3: Winter in the North

Disclaimer. I do not have any knowledge of what the scenarios used as a base for HX program fighter evaluation are, but I have tried to make an educated guess what these might be. Also the suftware used for simulation … Continue reading

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The Lay of the Land in HX Program in January 2021

The air force and ministry of defense are getting ready to send final request for tender by the end of this month. We got some inkling what the bid entails from Foreign Military Sales permit from US Congress in October … Continue reading

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Virolaisten sotarobotti esittäytyy

Virolaisella Milrem Robotics yrityksellä on uusi kiinnostava tuote, joka julkaistiin kuluvalla viikolla. Type-X combat etäohjattava/robottitankki. Firman sarjassa on myöskin telaketju kantojuhta, joka on tarkoitettu periaatteessa kantamaan ryhmän vermeitä ja muuta raskasta kalustoa, jolloin säästetään taistelijoita. Type X sensijaan on “land … Continue reading

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A LOOONG overdue post about the Kauhava 2020 airfair!

This post has been long overdue! Reasons for this has been my studies for engineering degree, and family life. But without further ado, let us get into business! All the HX candidates were present, but unfortunately Eurofighter Typhoon only with … Continue reading

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