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Winter Defensive Counter Air in Lapland: What can we deduct?

AS I have pointed out quite many times, Command Modern Operations is COMMERCIAL software, ie a game, a very simulation oriented, very realistic but still a game. So the scenarios done here will not be 100% accurate representation of actual … Continue reading

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Typhoons over Suurkylä

This is second to last installment over Ground/SEAD mission over Suursaari area. The general plan is laid out HERE if you like to read the general plan before googling the video. Typhoon is the thoroughbred, well at least the most … Continue reading

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Some HX-fighter replacement program stuff in the middle.

Finnish national broadcasting corporation did two pieces of HX-replacement program yesterday. There was regular news story HERE and discussion and piece in current affairs program A-studio. These go hand in hand, sort of. What was really interresting was that discussion … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t the sales record of the Typhoon match its combat capability?

Eli Britanniassa ollaan huolissaan Eurofighter Typhoonin kehityskaaresta ja myynnistä. Tässä teksti englanniksi. Sitten kommentaari ja referointi 1. kotimaisella. Alkuperäinen teksti on: https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/doesnt-sales-record-typhoon-match-combat-capability/ Lainaus Alkaa: BAE is set to cut 2,000 jobs across the UK, mainly from it’s aviation sector. Orders have … Continue reading

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Tour de Sky 2016 in Kuopio Rissala

Last weekend in 18th and 19th of June we had in Corfu Tour de ski 2016 all the major participants in 8X program where they are to one degree or another.  I had the pleasure to be invited into Tour … Continue reading

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HX- ohjelma, videot syynissä

Ilmavoimat oli pyytänyt vetoapua HX ohjelmalle esittelyvideoiden muodossa, ja niitä olikin tullut joka valmistajalta. SAAB on selvästi panostanut videoon ja se oli, Tom Pöystin, luulisin, äänellä puhuttu näyttävä video joka ammentaa SAABin ja SA-INT erikoissuhteesta 80-vuoden ajalta. Hieno video Kannattaa … Continue reading

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