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Eurofighter Typhoon Meteor-ammunnat saatu päätökseen.

Eurofighter Typhoon on saanut päätökseen MBDA Meteor-ohjusten yhteensopivuustestit Hebridien ampuma-alueella Isossa Britanniassa. Muutama päivä sitten. Kunhan Meteor ohjukset on saatu integroitua Eurofighter Typhoonin vakivarusteisiin, niin tulee Typhoonista ainakin Länsi-Euroopan, ehkä koko NATOn paras ilmaherruushävittäjä. Ainakin muihin eurooppalaisiin verrattuna “taifuunin” lakikorkeus … Continue reading

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News about Grendel

After Yesterdays post, I looked what is going on on the 6,5mm Grendel page. Noticed that Serbian Army has, supposedly, chosen it as their new catridge. I haven’t found a confirmation though. I’ll be on it though. Repost 24.4.2017. So … Continue reading

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So something in 6,5mm calibers might be coming in?

Bearing arms told that US SOCOM is looking to get a rifle with longer legs than 7,62 NATO. And is looking into something in 6,5mm size. Namely Creedmoor and 260 Remington. Sensible choises, as boyh 5,56mm and 7,62mm NATO leave … Continue reading

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Boeing calling it a day in Belgian Fighter program

Today Boeing announced that they will not be participating further in Belgiums F-16 fighter replacement program. They cuote as a reason unlevel “playing field”. This is underrestood as a stoneaxe toward US government direction rather than the competition in Europe. … Continue reading

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Some reasons why F-35A cannot be the sole fighterplatform of FAF

The United States Air Force has declared that the F-35 fighter “needs support from other aerial platforms” to be able to wage war in nowadays and future conflict. This means that F-35 cannot wage war all by its lonesome. How … Continue reading

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Sisäinen turvallisuus jälleen kerran

On oikein mukava huomata että poliisi tai ainakin poliisin ammattiliitot ovat vihdoinkin heränneet siihen että poliisi ja sisäinen turvallisuus on ajettu jo liian alas Suomessa. Tukholman terrori-iskun jälkeen myös helsinki-vantaan poliisi sai konepistoolit töihin mukaansa. Mikä on tietenkin askel hyvään … Continue reading

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The Good, the Gooder and the Bestest

Belgium is also looking to buy new fighter planes to replace her F-16 fleet. and Lo and behold: the competition is also the same! But what is different is that Belgium has decided to make at least some of their … Continue reading

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