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The HX scenarios, a guess what they might be

First a disclaimer: Nobody has discussed the actual HX scenarios with me. These are my somewhat educated guesses what they might be, and what the strenghts of each HX contender in given scenario might be. Further as a basis of … Continue reading

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Some idle musings about planes the Baltic states might need.

The thought occurred to me, when I was discussing the HX topic in mr Varabungase’s site. Some gentlepersons felt that a strike aircraft would be a better fit for B3 states rather than say JAS-39 Gripen. This started me thinking: … Continue reading

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Vielä vilkaisu Venäjän toimiin Ukrainassa ja Baltiassa

Israeli strategist Martin van Creveld is one of the most interesting and engaging writers on the subject (surprisingly, most of the people who read him back in the 80s didn’t have any idea he was Israeli, not that it matters). … Continue reading

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Something on RAND paper

RAND published a noteworthy paper about a week ago. The biggest bruhaha was because this paper suggested that NATO would be unable to defend Baltic states, namely Estonia and Latvia. Lithuania was dropped out of the equation as nearness of … Continue reading

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War in Baltic, NATO cannot hold Russia back.

So now it is offical, NATO lacks the cabability to, without shadow of doubt, to defend Baltic states in case of Russia future aggression. The piece was originally in Foreighn Policy, link HERE. If you cannot access the original then … Continue reading

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Pledge to Defend Baltic States, Is there or Is There Not?

I spent last week on holiday in Turkey, so I was largely out from happenings in Republic. But greatest tempest in teapot was caused by Commander in Chief Niinistö’s comment that we will not be able to help at least … Continue reading

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Of NATO, and future developments in Nordic Security environment

As many may know, Republic’s President Sauli Niinistö held third Kultaranta talks Sunday and Monday, and Finnish security crowd has been unusually virile because of this. Also there was news, that surprisingly large proportion of people in NATO countries do … Continue reading

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