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The Lay of the Land in HX Program in January 2021

The air force and ministry of defense are getting ready to send final request for tender by the end of this month. We got some inkling what the bid entails from Foreign Military Sales permit from US Congress in October … Continue reading

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Finland in Cold War vol I

Youtube treated me for an unexpectedly good generalization of Finland’s position in cold war era. I do realize it is hard to find Finland specific info about these things away from Finland. The video was product of the user/channel “Cold … Continue reading

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Finland, NATO and NBP9 problems

There are great differences between Baltic, Nordic Poland, or BNP9, countries. Baltic countries Estonia Lithuania and Latvia ha too little manpower and too small economies to have really 1st rate national defense, and they thus need NATO to bolster them … Continue reading

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Finland’s new “Jump Buddy” to be Revealed in ongoing Winter

Minister of Defense Jussi Niinistö told yesterday that Finlands new Ottawa compliant “mine” or remotely detonated explosive devise will likely be revealed to public “during winter” This will, in Finnish context, mean “before May the 1st”. This brand new “jump … Continue reading

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Rejoice, Finland has found her balls again!

Finnish Daily Helsingin Sanomat, has done an interresting bit about Minister of Defense, Dr Jussi Niinistö. Here mr Niinistö tells that Finland will be stepping up the wartime strenghts. This will not be in “operational forces” but in “Local Forces” … Continue reading

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Dangers of not coming face to face with your past.

Finland, the country that gave the “Finnlandisierung” its name, has not done much to come into the grips with the KGB enforced 1960-1990. Many politicans, who started their careers at that time are still in power and are implicated in … Continue reading

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Eu directive will not be swallowed by Finnish Government and NGOs

Eu commission’s new proposal for Firearms directive has met almost universal disapproval in all levels of Finnish government and in NGOs. Most vocal in their opposition have been Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation, Finnish Hunters’ Federation and Finnish Reservists’ Association. Ministry … Continue reading

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War in Baltic, NATO cannot hold Russia back.

So now it is offical, NATO lacks the cabability to, without shadow of doubt, to defend Baltic states in case of Russia future aggression. The piece was originally in Foreighn Policy, link HERE. If you cannot access the original then … Continue reading

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Of NATO, and future developments in Nordic Security environment

As many may know, Republic’s President Sauli Niinistö held third Kultaranta talks Sunday and Monday, and Finnish security crowd has been unusually virile because of this. Also there was news, that surprisingly large proportion of people in NATO countries do … Continue reading

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Operaatio Gladio ja Suomen “Stay Behind” armeija

Kun puhutaan “operaatio Gladiosta” puhutaan NATOn vastarinta-armeijasta, joka oli tarkoitus aktivoida kun Varsovan Liiton armeijat vyöryisivät Länsi-Euroopan yli Atlantille. Toiminta alkoi hyvin pian toisen maailmansodan jälkeen ja toimi NATOn sisällä hyvin USA ja GB johtoisesti. Se on saattanut olla yksi … Continue reading

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