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Of NATO, and future developments in Nordic Security environment

As many may know, Republic’s President Sauli Niinistö held third Kultaranta talks Sunday and Monday, and Finnish security crowd has been unusually virile because of this. Also there was news, that surprisingly large proportion of people in NATO countries do … Continue reading

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Operaatio Gladio ja Suomen “Stay Behind” armeija

Kun puhutaan “operaatio Gladiosta” puhutaan NATOn vastarinta-armeijasta, joka oli tarkoitus aktivoida kun Varsovan Liiton armeijat vyöryisivät Länsi-Euroopan yli Atlantille. Toiminta alkoi hyvin pian toisen maailmansodan jälkeen ja toimi NATOn sisällä hyvin USA ja GB johtoisesti. Se on saattanut olla yksi … Continue reading

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“Suomen kuvalehti” scenario paper number III war in Baltic States

I have been a bit busy last two weeks, so unfortunately I have not had the time to delve into murky depths of fighting in Baltic states and what might be options for Sweden and Finland to act under these … Continue reading

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Kind of a reblog: They might snatch an island

This blog has to give credit for idea to mr Charly Salonius-Pasternak a researcher for Finnish parliaments international institute. in a recent interview he gave a scenario of snatching island as a possible start of escalating hostilities in northern Baltic … Continue reading

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