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War in Baltic, NATO cannot hold Russia back.

So now it is offical, NATO lacks the cabability to, without shadow of doubt, to defend Baltic states in case of Russia future aggression. The piece was originally in Foreighn Policy, link HERE. If you cannot access the original then … Continue reading

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Finnish procurement, or deeply rooted Finnish distrust of the world

First a personal note: One of my profession’s has drawbacks are the hectic times of May and December, and thus I have been unable to blog for some time. Fortunately there came a bit of time that I could indulge … Continue reading

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“Suomen kuvalehti” scenario paper number III war in Baltic States

I have been a bit busy last two weeks, so unfortunately I have not had the time to delve into murky depths of fighting in Baltic states and what might be options for Sweden and Finland to act under these … Continue reading

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Kind of a reblog: They might snatch an island

This blog has to give credit for idea to mr Charly Salonius-Pasternak a researcher for Finnish parliaments international institute. in a recent interview he gave a scenario of snatching island as a possible start of escalating hostilities in northern Baltic … Continue reading

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