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HX program in winter hibernation, or quiet before the storm?

HX program is in a bit of a hibernation it seems from the outside of the Air Force, but in the Air Force they are thoroughly reading through the 8000+ Pages of documentation about the different bidders in the HX-Program. … Continue reading

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Häivetekniikka ja aktiivinen kumoaminen; HX koneet häivesyynissä

Suuressa maailmassa tutkitaan mahdollisuuksia kumota toisen tutkan signaalin energiaa lähettämällä vastakkaisessa aallossa olevaa signaalia takaisin omalla tutkalla. Esimerkiksi tämmöinen artikkeli löytyi pienellä guugletuksella. Active radar cancellation– juttu. Periaate on hyvin sama kuin vaikkapa matkustaja lentokoneissa, joissa lentomoottorien turbiinien melu onnistutaan … Continue reading

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HX program took a step forward

First a disclaimer: I’m not serving in Air Force, nor did I recieve the orginal RFIs from anywhere. I have tried contacting the manufacturers, but I have not always been succesfull of getting more information on HX fighters.  All RFIs … Continue reading

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What has been happening in HX program. European planes all offer assembly and partnership in R&D.

I was thinking that the small update might be in order to all those non-Finnish speakers Who are following the HX-program.  First of all all proposals need to be in by next Tuesday the twenty second of November, after which … Continue reading

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Some idle musings about planes the Baltic states might need.

The thought occurred to me, when I was discussing the HX topic in mr Varabungase’s site. Some gentlepersons felt that a strike aircraft would be a better fit for B3 states rather than say JAS-39 Gripen. This started me thinking: … Continue reading

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REblog Air dominance isn’t what it used to be.

Wife has been keeping me rather busy, but I’ll get around to writing about the Tour de Sky in Kuopio. Beautiful fighters were seen and smart and nice people were met. But more of that to come. This peace was … Continue reading

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