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AFB Halli’s Hornets at the fray.

If you want to see the defenses in the island please refer to post Blind man’s Bluff. Loadouts As the Boeing case is made to great extend Super Hornets and Growlers SEAD capabilites I chose to have 4 Growlers for … Continue reading

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Blind man’s bluff in Suursaari Casino

I have been very delighted about the amount of reads I have gotten from abroad concerning the HX-program and my installments about fighter action in Archipelago sea. As a err say public service I thought it might be wiser to … Continue reading

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Boeing julkaisi Loyal Wingman prototyypin Australiassa.

Jos haluat lukea aiheesta lisää kolmannella kotimaisella, niin Defense Newsillä on juttua. Olen itsekin hieman aihetta käsitellyt tekstissä “Sitten Boeing vetäisi ässän hihasta” juurikin koskien tätä Boeing Australian Loyal Wingman dronea. Kyseinen Drone on nyt siis prototyyppinä olemassa, ja Boeing … Continue reading

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