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The HX scenarios, a guess what they might be

First a disclaimer: Nobody has discussed the actual HX scenarios with me. These are my somewhat educated guesses what they might be, and what the strenghts of each HX contender in given scenario might be. Further as a basis of … Continue reading

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SEAD aspect in HX program

When laymen are talking about the Finnish Hornet Replacement Program (HX-Program for short) they seem to actively forget the role of SEAD/DEAD aspect in modern aerial warfare. It is utterly impossible to fight even semi competent enemy without robust capabilities … Continue reading

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FAF preparing for wrong kind of war?

It seems to me that the Finnish Air Force is preparing for wrong kind of Air war. Mainly because the Finns still insist in using the “old Soviet” or Warsaw Pact style on command and control of fighter forces from … Continue reading

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GlobalEye, another value for the € product from SAAB

SAAB has had an AWACS plane, or at least mini AWACS, in their product lineup since 1997 so for 20 years. Obviously the concept has evolved many times during the use of the radar and platform. The fuss right now … Continue reading

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It is hard to get to be a terrorist in Finland…

I have found current court case against terrorist Abderrahman Bouanane bewildering: HOW is it possible, that lawyer of the said Bouanane mr Kaarle Gummerus, that his client, a self proclaimed terrorist is not in fact a terrorist. Mr Gummerus arguing comes … Continue reading

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HX-program Current Issues

The Finnish Ministry of defense and Air Force is going to send that Pretender over HX fighter repair a replacement program later in this spring. the candidates are as I’m sure everybody is aware of Eurofighter typhoon, Boeing F/A-18 E/F/G … Continue reading

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Another iconic SMG in in the test: Mini uzi

In October I had a chanche to go again with EF-security’s Tommi to the range with an SMG. This time Tommi had another treat for me in  form of Mini UZI.The gun is very iconic and well liked by its … Continue reading

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