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Finland in Cold War vol I

Youtube treated me for an unexpectedly good generalization of Finland’s position in cold war era. I do realize it is hard to find Finland specific info about these things away from Finland. The video was product of the user/channel “Cold … Continue reading

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Finland, NATO and NBP9 problems

There are great differences between Baltic, Nordic Poland, or BNP9, countries. Baltic countries Estonia Lithuania and Latvia ha too little manpower and too small economies to have really 1st rate national defense, and they thus need NATO to bolster them … Continue reading

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Gripens penetrating Petersburg

This is instalment two of the HX FRP scenarios. It is a deep strike/OCA/interdiction mission into Neva and Tver. You can read the basic info from the link before. Also, SAAB’s bid had two SAAB’s “mini awacs” type of planes. … Continue reading

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Kolme eri 6,8mm patruunaa Ameriikan mailta.

Liitän tähän netistä kaappaamani juttelun uusista 6.8mm ehdokkaista US Armyn uudeksi kevytasepatruunaksi. Alkuperäinen artikkeli TÄÄLLÄ. Retostelen asiaa tarkkemmin luettuani. K’äytännössä ongelma on sama kuin Suomen RK-62 M 1-3 aseissa: terminaaliballistiikan tulee ohjata aseen kehitystä. USAn 6,8mm ohjelmat näyttävät tuottavan noin … Continue reading

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Some HX-fighter replacement program stuff in the middle.

Finnish national broadcasting corporation did two pieces of HX-replacement program yesterday. There was regular news story HERE and discussion and piece in current affairs program A-studio. These go hand in hand, sort of. What was really interresting was that discussion … Continue reading

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Tikka TAC A1, Better Bang for Buck in “Light” Sniper Rifle Market?

Even though I’m sort of married right now I managed to sneak a rifle past the significant loved one. And don’t get me wrong: in SRA (Sovellettu Reserviläis Ammunta, aplicated reservist shooting maybe in English, LINK TO DESCRIPTION.) you can … Continue reading

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Boeing Rhinos on Rampage!

disclaimer: Unfortunately this scenario is too complex for going through on plane to plane basics. So insights are given out in Conclusions below. Finnish Air force is going to launch operation “Marokon Kauhu” into Karelia and Karelian isthmus. You can … Continue reading

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