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EU Strategy meeting in Slovenia: Implications to HX-program

EU magnates had a dinner and meeting in beutiful Slovenia. The most pressing matter is European Union’s strategic position within world. EU is mighty weak strategically, because there if many different factions within EU who push and pull into different … Continue reading

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Kaivari21: How does the HX race seem at the mid of August 2021.

The Finnish main aviation event was again in last weekend. All Hornet replacement program (HX-program) hopefuls were in attendance some with mock ups and all with pavillions. All HX fighters were in air and Gripen E made first appearance in … Continue reading

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Winter Defensive Counter Air in Lapland: What can we deduct?

AS I have pointed out quite many times, Command Modern Operations is COMMERCIAL software, ie a game, a very simulation oriented, very realistic but still a game. So the scenarios done here will not be 100% accurate representation of actual … Continue reading

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Rafale’s very good showing

The basic scenario is introduced HERE. and as a side note: I do not know if HX scenarios really have a DCA scenario in Lapland and Northern Finland. You can rest assured there IS a DCA scenario, as that is … Continue reading

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A LOOONG overdue post about the Kauhava 2020 airfair!

This post has been long overdue! Reasons for this has been my studies for engineering degree, and family life. But without further ado, let us get into business! All the HX candidates were present, but unfortunately Eurofighter Typhoon only with … Continue reading

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Some heavy Breezes from North

Dassault Rafale is, in my humble opinion, the dark horse of the HX-campaign. Dassault does not toot their own horn that vigorously, but their product is top of the line. And If one considers JUST the interdiction/Close Air Support or … Continue reading

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Lokit Ahvenamaan Suojana

Tänään maanataina HX challengeen saapuvat Dassaultin Rafale C- ja B-hävittäjät. Tämän takia on sitten Rafale parven vuoro päästä torjumaan laskuvarjopudotusta Maarianhaminaan. Jos haluat katsoa videon ensin, se on alimaisena. Skenaario on täysin sama kuin Typhooneilla aikaisemmin, mutta nyt kyseessä ovat … Continue reading

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Some HX-fighter replacement program stuff in the middle.

Finnish national broadcasting corporation did two pieces of HX-replacement program yesterday. There was regular news story HERE and discussion and piece in current affairs program A-studio. These go hand in hand, sort of. What was really interresting was that discussion … Continue reading

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YLEn HX-juttu, pari huomiota

YLE julkaisi 17.5.2019 sinänsä ansiokkaan jutun aiheesta HX-hankinnat, mutta haluaisin kommentoida muutamaa asiaa. YLEn juttu on luettavissa kokonaisuudessaan TÄÄLLÄ. Lainaan tässä muutaman kappaleen jutusta ja retostelen niitä asiaa selventääkseni. “Jos Hornet sinällään oli jo hieman suurehko ja raskas kone Suomen … Continue reading

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General Elections 2019 and HX Program

There will be General Elections in Finland in Spring and polling in beginning of December shows a strong possibility of an Socialist Prime minister. This one done by YLE. This could pave the way for Green-Red coalition government, which would … Continue reading

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