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The HX-program the “combat proven” consept

Being “Combat proven” used to mean a whole lot, but like all good consepts, it has suffered from inflation. In 1950’ies era planes, MiG-15s and Sabres it meant quite a lot as it did with MiG-21s and Phantoms. They did, … Continue reading

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Arctic Challenge Exercise 2017

I was fortunate enough to be allowed into media day in Arctic Challenge Exercise 2017 in May 23rd. We could see the participants taking off and flying towards the training grounds and post a few questions for members of different … Continue reading

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Pohjois-Kalotti Ilmasotatoimialueena

Kun toimittajat piirtelevät kantamaympyröitä lehtiä myydäkseen unohtuu helposti se, että fyskiaalinen totuus ei ole aivan siistin ympyrän muotoinen. Ilmatorjunnasta puhuttaessa keskustelu keskittyy paljon Venäjän S-400 ilmatorjuntajärjestelmään. S-400 on itse asiassa kokoelma erilaisia ohjuksia sensoreita ja komento paikkoja, joilla voidaan suojella … Continue reading

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Boeing calling it a day in Belgian Fighter program

Today Boeing announced that they will not be participating further in Belgiums F-16 fighter replacement program. They cuote as a reason unlevel “playing field”. This is underrestood as a stoneaxe toward US government direction rather than the competition in Europe. … Continue reading

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Dassault Rafale not interrested or ready to throw in the towel?

I have been most disappointed with the Dassault’s quietness in the HX-Program of Finland. Swedish SAAB and Eurofighter consortium have been very active in there campaign to secure procurement for about 60 to 100 of their planes for Finish Air Force. … Continue reading

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HX program in winter hibernation, or quiet before the storm?

HX program is in a bit of a hibernation it seems from the outside of the Air Force, but in the Air Force they are thoroughly reading through the 8000+ Pages of documentation about the different bidders in the HX-Program. … Continue reading

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HX-FRP, What do the documents say?

First the disclaimer: I’m just interested party, ultimate payer and a blogger, in HX-Fighter Replacement Program. I have never seen and much likely never will see the wheelbarrow loads of documentation that the HX-FRP produces. But I try to make … Continue reading

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