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Scenario 1: The Lightning strikes

This scenario is based in wargame where Russia makes grap on Åland islands as a part of conflict in baltic states. (As of now Meteor is going to be adjusted to fit into the missile bay of F-35. but out of necessity US … Continue reading

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Light fighter answer: The Gripens swoop in.

  This scenario is based on Russians try to grap Åland Islands scenario as apart of NATO-Russia Conflict in Baltic states. The four Gripens rushing towards Åland islands are loaded for Defensive counter air (DCA) /maritime strike package. Thus number … Continue reading

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The HX scenarios, a guess what they might be

First a disclaimer: Nobody has discussed the actual HX scenarios with me. These are my somewhat educated guesses what they might be, and what the strenghts of each HX contender in given scenario might be. Further as a basis of … Continue reading

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Nyt menee NATOlla huonosti- NATO in dire straits.

Tämä teksti on alkuperäisenä War on the rocks blogissa. Tässä linkki alkuperäiseen kohteeseen. Kuten huomaatte, NATO on ISOISSA ongelmissa Itä-Euroopassa, Halusimme tai emme, me olemme osa tätä yhtälöä. When asked two weeks ago in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee … Continue reading

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“Suomen kuvalehti” scenario paper number III war in Baltic States

I have been a bit busy last two weeks, so unfortunately I have not had the time to delve into murky depths of fighting in Baltic states and what might be options for Sweden and Finland to act under these … Continue reading

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