Dangers of not coming face to face with your past.

Finland, the country that gave the “Finnlandisierung” its name, has not done much to come into the grips with the KGB enforced 1960-1990. Many politicans, who started their careers at that time are still in power and are implicated in Rozenholtz papers. This list contains 18 names. They are not necessarily spies, but may be informants for the DDR Stasi . Mitrokhin Archive has about 100 Finns in it, This is a list of KGB informants in West.  Rosenholtz archive of names is known by the name “Tiitisen lista”, because the head of security cervices in Finland Mr Tiitinen declared it secret until 2050. Mr Tiitinen was then transferred into better things. (SuPo or security police, is so called Presidents police, as it concerns itself with stability of political system and not in catching spies).

Baltic states have been active in purging KGB men from theirpolitcans, but Finland has neglected to do this. There is one group “Lustraatio Suomessa” who try to keep murky pasts of politicans’ in radar beam, but are not usually very succesful. Partly because whole finnlandisierung has been made to look as great succes in pragmatism in Finnish history. I believed it to be true for a long time as well. I’m sorry.

Unfortunately this mindset has made it simple for Siloviks of new Kreml to beg borrow and buy influence in Finland. Forexample former minister Paavo Väyrynen started a new political party with Kremls blessing in early 2016. Kremls blessing was made apparent by Mr Backman’s, a Kreml paid influence agent, Blessing of the new party:A WEEK BEFORE mr Väyrynen made his plans public in Finland. It is in record that Johan Backman works for RISI as its represententavive in Finland.

Mr Väyrynen was eager to apply pressure from CCCP in presidential elections 1982. Väyrynen acknowledges these ties to KGB, but sees them as “normal patriotic information change with neighbour.” So Paavo has been changing info with Kreml again it seems.

Two former prime ministers seems to be firmly in cotroll of Kreml. Esko Aho who got nominated into Sperbank’s board of trustees. “My appointment is not political” says Esko Aho. Pig’s armpit. OF COURSE it is political. Mr Aho has NO applicapable skills to be of any practical use for Sperbank. SO Kreml bought him off to gain influence in his party Keskustapuolue, and his political connections by and large in Finland.

Another primus inter pares Paavo Lipponen was snatched of to Nordstream to make building gaslines through Finnish territorial waters possible. Estonia, didn’t go for it, but Finland felt it necessary to give twice red bannered Baltic fleet a reason to “secure the gasline” when the hell they ever feel like it. Mr Lipponen was also ready to badmouth a bank Nordea for his masters in daily Helsingin sanomat. It is also probable that mr Lipponen was at least informant for the KGB. This would made plain if Rosenholtz was public. HE is wery sensitive of the subject and ejected journualists from parliament when that asked him about Stasi. I wonder why?

Another interesting dude is Erkki Liikanen. Current head of Finnish Bank (not commercial but national bank). Mr Liikanen was very keen in his youth to pass really interresting legistlation. For examle criminalizing “anti-Soviet speech” in “peace laws”. To name one. But he is small fry in this gang, so I’ll let him be.

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