“Finland and firearms” part II YLE strikes back

It came into my notice that Finnish broadcasting corporation, YLE, in Finnish, has for some reason decided to bite the hand that feeds her. It can be attributed, maybe, that YLE is tax supported, and thus has been promised land for lefty-greenies, who honestly believe, that only they should have the final say in any matter. One has to hope that realities change in Pasila, as fewer and fewer people see any reason to pay for “news” that try to make green party and general leftist propaganda sound like reality. But onward to the topic.

Mr Sam Kingsley, who works for YLE English news it would seem has taken upon himself to alert Finns that there is something terrible happening in Republic. He has written a lengthy piece about gun culture in Finland, which you can go and read HERE. The gist of the thing is that mr King feels that removing firearms  from Finland would automagically remove one third of suicides in F. Firearms are the third most common exit-plan for  people fathoming taking their own lives. For some reason Sam declines to mention why sleeping drugs (means of suicide number two, number one with women ) and ropes (number one) are not included in his pamphlet. Oh Yeah, that would not be feasible. Nor is it with guns.

Firstly I firmly believe that you can leave party if is not no longer fun for you, and same goes for this thing called “life”. Why “society” and Government want to take part in decision where and when to end it all, I’ll newer understand, but It may have something to do with taxes you owe to Finnish Government.

Also The Finnish Association of Mental Health seems a bit funny in taking part in discussion in whether or not we have a gun problem. It might be that hunting and fishing and shooting in general HELP people maintain their sanity and mental balance, but of course we remember Docent Jaana Haapasalo’s blurts of hunting not being healthy passtime. (unfortunately in Finnish). It may come as no suprice to anyone that Mz Haapasalo has not been able to hold any lucrative job for too long, after she has had the opportunity put her agendas forward. Mz Haapasalo has shown uncommon good sense, for her, in keeping her peace and not coming out and making a statement, but that might soon change as EU commission crowd has to muster all the help they can get when they try at least save some face in overwhelming reject they have gotten in attempt to force ill informed directives to Europeans.

Also I’m sure police officers feel equally nauseated, when they are picking up after any suicide, any other violent crime or traffic accident for that matter. So spare us the sob story please.

But I have to admit that Mr Kingsley’s decision not to refer to Iain Overton as “firearms expert” but rather as an “anti gun campaigner” and a journo, is a good one. Mr Overton wants, for some obscure reason, reduce free people of the north and rest of the Europe to same kind of serfdom he can enjoy in UK. I hear they are wanting to ban knifes next in UK. A free country indeed!

But lastly, whole point of Mr Sam Kingsley’s article is moot: IF doctor, or authorities, decide that a person is deemed to be a danger to his/herself or to the general public, current Finnish Firearms law gives authorities the possibility to confiscate  persons arms until further notice. So the mechanism is there, and may or may not be used.

So we must again come into conclusion, that school shootings and suicides are not “gun problems” they are “mental health issues”. Maybe we should try legalizing brothels, as gun legislation seems to be the wrong way to go about reducing suicides. Maybe no strings attached sex on the cheap side will do what drugs, booze and rock and roll failed to bring forth.

Finnish translation of Mr Kingsley’s piece has been thoroughly demolished by a sharpen pen than mine in Mikko Niskasaari’s blog. If you are Finnish challenged do try the google translate, but I doubt it will be much good.

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