Finland is going to have a all new NATO study.

Unfortunately result of it is already known. The daily Helsingin Sanomat, (Article here, in Finnish unfortunately) pro left newspaper in Finland told that this latest study will be made by four persons. Former Ambassadors Rene Nyberg, Mats Bergquist, chief of finnish foreign policy institute Mrs Teija Tiilikainen, and head of Geneva security policy center Mr Francois Heisburg.

What I and many others who are well versed, or at least semi versed in Finnish Security policy know that their excellencies the Ambassadors have already came into conclusion that Finland and Sweden SHOULD NOT apply for NATO membership in this time. They wrote their article in November 2014, when Russian war against Ukraine was already well underway (Article here, again in Finnish)Gee, So we know the stand half of members of the crew already.

It seems that it Finnish Government is ready to bend over for Russia, but want to save some dignity by asking two scared old men to make a study result of which is already known for them. So It would seem that Finland and and maybe Sweden will be “Putins bitches” until there is another putsch in Russia. That, fortunately, may happen sooner rather than later. Even though mr Nyberg is not a fanboy of modern Russia it still is likely that he, like many former generals and dignitaries, are more understanding for Russia than they should.

Let us not forget that Russia and puting are like teenagers: they will throw tantrums and try and brake things but ultimately they are not the powers they like to think they are. I hope aforementioned commitee does not forget this little fact of realpolitik.

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