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A LOOONG overdue post about the Kauhava 2020 airfair!

This post has been long overdue! Reasons for this has been my studies for engineering degree, and family life. But without further ado, let us get into business! All the HX candidates were present, but unfortunately Eurofighter Typhoon only with … Continue reading

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Lightning Strikes on Lounatkorkea

This time it is F-35 lightning IIs time to try their hand in blind man’s bluff in Suursaari/Hogland strike. This video was delayed in making, because I dropped my mic, and it did not survive it. Now I got a … Continue reading

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AFB Halli’s Hornets at the fray.

If you want to see the defenses in the island please refer to post Blind man’s Bluff. Loadouts As the Boeing case is made to great extend Super Hornets and Growlers SEAD capabilites I chose to have 4 Growlers for … Continue reading

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Lokit Ahvenamaan Suojana

Tänään maanataina HX challengeen saapuvat Dassaultin Rafale C- ja B-hävittäjät. Tämän takia on sitten Rafale parven vuoro päästä torjumaan laskuvarjopudotusta Maarianhaminaan. Jos haluat katsoa videon ensin, se on alimaisena. Skenaario on täysin sama kuin Typhooneilla aikaisemmin, mutta nyt kyseessä ovat … Continue reading

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HX siivet Ahvenanmaan yllä VOL 2

Hommasin hiljan pelin/sotasimulaattorin nimeltä “Command Modern operations“, jolla olen nyt ryhtynyt simuloimaan erilaisia HX-hävittäjäohjelmaan kuuluvia skenaarioita. Kuten todettu, ei minulla ole mitään varmaa tietoa siitä, mitä nämä skenaariot pitävät sisällään, mutta jokainen saa arvata. Liitän valmiit skenaariot Patreon tiliini kunhan … Continue reading

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Gripens penetrating Petersburg

This is instalment two of the HX FRP scenarios. It is a deep strike/OCA/interdiction mission into Neva and Tver. You can read the basic info from the link before. Also, SAAB’s bid had two SAAB’s “mini awacs” type of planes. … Continue reading

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Some HX-fighter replacement program stuff in the middle.

Finnish national broadcasting corporation did two pieces of HX-replacement program yesterday. There was regular news story HERE and discussion and piece in current affairs program A-studio. These go hand in hand, sort of. What was really interresting was that discussion … Continue reading

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HX fighter scenario 2: Deep strike into Karelia

Disclaimer: I know nothing about the HX scenarios (well, apart that there were 7 of them as BAE let slip.), but I have decided to make a guess what they might be. 1st one was air domination/interdiction at the Archipellago … Continue reading

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Typhoons in Archipelago sea

This is fifth and the last installment of  the “Grab of Åland islands scenario”. And the scenario explores the use of Eurofighter Typhoons as the HX fighter. video is of Eurofighter Typhoons performance in Seinäjoki 2017.   Typhoon’s CAPTOR E … Continue reading

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A bit Deeper Look at the Boeing’s Loyal Wingman

I’m going to look a bit of stealth capabilities of Boeing’s Loyal Wingman in general terms, and what would this kind of capability bring to table concerning the HX-program. The sensor and weapon packages for LW are still unknown, but … Continue reading

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