EU combating terrorism, ass first into tree.

For some obscure reason EU commission has not been able to grasp Interpols’s chief’s common sense anti-terror advice. He told us that ONLY way to make targets harder in Europe is to introduce civilian carry system into EU and Europe on the broader sense. There will never be enough law enforcement to prevent terror attacs, as the terrorist have will continue to have the initiative in terror attacks, so the responders will alwayd be that one crucial step behind. Lenght of that timeframe is what ever the police response time in that place is. Here, in Finnish Lapland on average anything up to three hours. Even in cities in Europe response time is in minutes, and whole a hell of a lot can happen in a single minute, not to mention five.

Unfortunately EU commissions and Juncker’s dementia is political/ideological kind. Any kind socialism does not want to have people able to resist their masters: After civil war Lenin introduced draconian gun control and oppression of political enemies in Russia. Same was done by Hitler in Germany, and now the same is being done in EU continental level right now. Oh I do realize we do not have GULAGs in EU. YET, but one has to remind you all that NATIONAL SOCIALIST, nazis and SOCIALISTS are just nationalism apart. Seeing Gereen-Left movements smear campaings against their advesaries, I have to conclude the GULAGs are also coming into the EUssr. Fortunately most Eastern Europeans have been thoroughly vaccinated against socialism and totalitarian rule, that we may be able to keep Commission and EU palace eunucs in line.

EU commission is still driving for nonsense gunlegistlation into EU. Or do someone REALLY believe that magazine restrictions would make any difference for terrorists? It seems to be rather common feature in EU and western legistlation that terrorism is forbidden by law, as is murder and will full harming of people. So I really DO fail to see WHAT it is that the Commission is trying to accomplish. Apart of course solidating their own undemocratic power for years to come.

It is common knowledge that this whole farce got to start because France’s and Belgium’s interior ministeries wanted to attack their citizen’s ability to own weapons. ANd as it would be political suecide to try force it thorough in countries that have robust democratic system, they tried to force it through patently undemocratic EU legistlation system. Even in EU they had to cut corners and willfully ignore their own guidelines to get #EUgunban to the form it is now. EU commission stated they want to combat terrorism , but they are just trying to make action shooting and hunting virtually impossible in EU. This day and age with 3D-printers and small and cheap CNC machines it will be totally impossible to have absolute controll of gunmaking.  The same goes for magazines as well.

So it should be obvious that Commission is just doing the dirty work for the French MIn. What REALLY should be asked here is WHY Charlie Hebdo’s Editor in Chief was turned down MULTIPLE times when he feared for his and his staffs safety and asked to have a protection weapon. They did get two police to guard the premisies, and fat lot of good it did to them.

I will not even start with the shit what mr Romakkaniemi, XO of comission member Katainen’s tries to have Finnish gun owners to believe.

Here is what EU actually would want you to believe they are doing. Here is the actual strategy. You can have a peek and decide ARE they doing that or are they doing something completely different.

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