Terror bomb attack in St. Petersburg, “False flag” or IRL?

There has been a bomb in St petersburg metro system. One explosion and about 10 dead. In the light on demostrations adn dissidence of the last couple of weeks, one has to wonder if this was done by “real” terrorists? ISIS or such, or just another example of russian’s security services false flag operation, to get the publick to think something else than Putins Cleptocracy’s inherent corruption.

It is not like this would be the first time: There is ample evidence of FSB doing the appartement bombing in 1999.  Campaign that led to Tcetchen war, and boosted certain mister Putin’s bona fides and road to power. Let’s see what this will bring about?

About epamuodikkaitaajatuksia

Viisikymppinen jannu, joka on huolissaan siitä miten maanpuolustus ja turvallisuus makaa Lapissa, Suomessa ja Euroopassa. Harrastuksina Amerikkalainen jalkapallo ja SRA ammunta, Defendo ja Krav Maga. A guy about 45, who has a "thang" for military current issues, defense and shooting. Not to forget American football. Also Krav maga and Saario Defendo is done for the kicks.
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