War time help to B3 states and for… Finland

Finnish paper Iltalehti published a good piece about prospected Finnish wartime help for Estonia (in Finnish, es tut mir Leid) and to B3 in general. The main thing is the news about the differing opinions about prospective help to be given to NATO and B3 in case of war.

Parliament’s UTVA (foreign and defense policy committee) has decidedly “pro-Russia” views, and wants to give room for Russian expansion. Their aim is to keep “Finland out of European war at any cost” They are also, in the same time pushing opinion that Finland doesn’t need NATO partnership as a security guarantee, because of EU’s Lissabon treaty. (Which lines out that help is to be give to fellow member states if they are under attack), and at the same time are in opinion that EU’s Lissabon treaty does not force Finland to give (any) help to fellow member states in case of war. Committees wording is such that it would make impossible to allow NATO use Finnish territorial waters or aerospace in defense of B3 countries. This wording appeaces communists (VAsemmistoliitto) and social democrats (SDP), and more easily spooked part of Central party.

This UTVA committee is chaired by MP Matti Vanhanen. who is at least under Kremlins “Reflexive control”. His views in Foreign policy are decidedly Russia friendly. He is to great extent product of Central party, the former state care keeper party of Finland. Their legacy is endlessly understanding Russia’s security need at the expense of all others security needs. Matti Vanhanen is his party’s President elect, though he doesn’t stand a chance against Sauli Niinistö. Vanhanen is only nominated to block the way of another Grand old man of “Finladizierung “Paavo Väyrynen, who is beyond doubt a Kremlin controlled influece agent in Finnish politics with his Partizan Party. A party wich act as a collecting ground for other parties members.

Cabinet and President of the republic have put the UTVA-commitee and parliament in line, as the foreign policy is Presidents and Cabinets pejorative, not Parliaments. But crosswinds are blowing between appeasement people in Parliament and the “real” masters of Foreign policy.

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