Elections in Finland. A door and a window open towards Kreml, or maybe NATO?

The “Central party” won Finnish Parliament elections, which was to be expected. What is worrisome in this is that Paavo Väyrynen, grand old man of the Central party, announced that he wants to be tjhe foreighn minister. This is worrisome, because he was deeply embedded into “finlandisierung” of 1970′ and 80’ies. So much so that he plotted with KGB to have 1981 Presidental elections rigged to get Ahti Karjalainen into power. A link concerning HERE and HERE. Letters conserning this treasonous activities surfaced in 1989, so Soviet Union was still OK, and mr Väyrynen did not suffer any consequenses from this treasonous activity. One has to point that for some reason Väyrynen häs not been tried for “Suomen itsemääräsmisoikeuden vaarantaminen” or endangering Finnish independence. But maybe the law doesn’t apply to politicans.

In some other country Mr Väyrynen would have disappeared into academia and died a quiet death. but here, in Finland, he demanded to give Russia a fait accompli in her campaign in Krim and Ukraine. Mr Väyrynen is a firm believer in Russian rights in her neighbouring countries. His blog can be read HERE, but unfortunately there is no translation for Finnish impaired. But let me tell you, that is “Appease the Kreml” over and over again. So I’m sorry to say that IF mr Väyrynen gets the nod, he is even worse Foreighn minister in this time that mr Tuomioja has ever been.

Mr Sipilä, the future Prime Minister, is a businesman converted into politics, and, so far, does not seem to have the cojones to lead his party, let alone the Finnish state in her perilous journey on 2015 European Cold War politics. I feel that his backround in Religion and and small businesses has not prepared him for the Big Games. I hope I’m wrong, but fear that I am.

Only firm opinion on politics mr Sipilä was able to provide running up in Election 2015 was to try to ban 4,5% alcohol beer from food stores. Other than that he seemed unable to form a coherent opinion. It seems he was elected as a figurehead so that big boys of the party can do what they will behind the scenes and Sipiläs back as has always been the way of Central party.

Other than that NATO membership application swims farther and farther as Central party’s NATO wiev, if any, is just to ask for umpteenth NATO study. (As if there was promlems with 10+ previous made). So it seems that Finland will just be sucked into Russian power politics in Baltic region and in Europe.

If Kokoomus, what passes for Conservatives in Finland, manage to gettheri NATO agenda into Government plan, Id sleep MUCH better. Not that Mr Stubb inspires much confidense, but at least some kind of economic EU block in Government.

For defence policy all parties have desided to increase defence spending, sort of. All they have agreed upon is just to not to enforce the defence cuts decided. So no increase anywhere. Defence is still trying to make ends meet with palsy 1,29% of GNP. WAY too little. Hopefully spending will climb into vicinity of 2% of GNP in short order.

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