Blatant anti-gun propaganda from YLE

Finland’s national broadcasting corporation has started her battle towards more totalitarian society in Finland. English YLE news propaganda pitch HERE. Some UK bloke by the name of Iain Overton has been named as this weeks “expert” in YLE bit. Mr Overton’s profession has been listed as an journalist, so I find it extremely hard to believe that he might be an “expert” in anything but journalism. But that is all I’m going to rant about that.

The article leaves it very much in doupt that mr Overton has any guns at all, or has ever shot one in reacriation, in hunting or in anger. I cannot see HOW he could be an any kind of “expert” in guns, if he cannot even safely operate one. I don’t claim to be an expert of say oil tankers as I could not even begin to describe function and layout of one, let alone to operate one.

Much more seroius is mr Overtons claims, that “To people who think that there’s no problem, I would say that the problem is 180 gun deaths per year. I think that’s too high,” One does not know where he landed with “180 deaths”. Finnish Statistical authority only gives ALL manslaughters, killings and murders as about 100 a year. LINK HERE I wish to point out that this has ALL the happenings in this category done with knives, axes, legal and illegal guns, cars, ropes everything. Even if we would accept these figures about gun deaths, Finnish hospitals would still kill about 3,5-9 times more people by malpractice. Maybe that would be more pressing problem that “gun related deaths”. Also Iain hints that suecides might be prevented by not having guns. I’ll be frank:”no chanse” A mon killed herself and her children by ramming the bus his hubby was in. Didn’t have gun, but had a car. Suecides clock about thousand death yearly, so this cannot be mr Overtons “180 deaths” either. link to deaths by cause 2013 deaths HERE murders are at 78 there, so we are about hundred short.

After this YLE writing takes a direction that leads me into believing that charity mr Overton works for is looking for “charity” and is trying to pressure Beretta/SAKO into giving “charity” to “Action on armed violence”. Why? Looking for “Princes Diana” himself? Charity not coughing up enough doe? All together either attempted blackmail after best practices of Greenpeace, or vamping up for next peace something or another. I hope he is just promoing his new book to get a nice sales and get into retirement. This would be the least sinister reason for mr Overtons pilgrimage into Finland.

Furhter, as a true socialist, mr Overton sees that guns are OK as long as you are taxed unreasonably for owning them. Guns are inanimate objects, they are not sentient. They will not make decisions about anything ever. There is no problem of selling guns to other nations, as Foreighn Ministry has screened the buyers.

Considering British wiolence statistics is might be more prudent for mr Overton to start his crusade by felling windmills by the river Thames.

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