Böker Magnum Persian Fighter, good EDC knife on the cheap side.


I decided to get a BÖKER MAGNUM series Persian Fighter as a cheapish EDC carry knife. The  knife does not give out “cheap and shittily made” wibe at all, but it’s relative austerity comes from the steel that was used. It is not the “most bestest” steel but tried and true 440 stainless steel. There ARE harder, more durable, more edge holding and more stainless steels around, but 440 is a good average somewhat inexpensive steel that is well known and understood in metalworking. My example came from Teräasekeskus, a knife and arms store in Finland. They have pages in English as well, if you want to take a peek.

The packing of the knife was nothing to shout about: a plastic wrapped cardboard box, where the “dinge an sich” was wrapped in somedsc_0537 more plastic. This ought to give you a good idea of the size of the thing. The overall lenght is in neighbourhood of 24,5cm.(9 3/4 in archaic) The blade is about 12cm (4 3/4 inch) in length.  The knife has a drop point and the back of the blade is just lightened, it is not sharpened. The handle is curved and quite thin, for my size 10 hand. I think it is great for somewhat smaller hand. there is always possibility to add some more material, plastic or possibly fabric, under the G-10 handles to make the handle a bit thicker. Closest part of the blade is in 90 degrees edge in the back and works well with flint in lighting fires. The handle is curved and maybe a bit tight for my aforementioned paws, but in no way awkward to handle. This type of handle works great for fighting knives, as it fits well into the crook of fingers. On the down side it is not as good in woodworking: It does not sit as well in hand. the handle IS curved, so unless extra flexible hand bones you just cannot wrap your hand around the hilt. OR maybe it is again my 10 size hand.

The knife is well balanced in a positive way heavy. This gives sort of “reliable” feel to whole contraption, not to mention extra strength if you have to use the glass-breaker in the pommel.

The sheath is kydex as is the belt loop. Atractive feature for me was the mounting of the belt loop: It can be screwed on both sides to make the knife better able to be mounted either for leftie or right hand cardsc_0540ry. I usually carry my Persian fighter in small of my back in the right side. (in well concealed, but easily accessible place) in summer times. Wither might be a different story.  As you can see there are myriads of carry options available. The sheath locks very firmly into the place, so you don’t have to worry about dropping the knife f


rom the sheath. The belt clip can also be adjusted easily to different broadnesses of belt, so you can always have a pretty snug and  unwobbly platform at your disposal.

The blade is OK out of the box, and if the knife is carried for the odd cardboard box or similar tasks the sharpness is not of the premium importance, but there is possibility of cutting flesh or wood I do recommend a proper (hand) sharpening to be done.

BÖKER MAGNUM Persian Fighter gives good value for the money. Design is impeccable, knife is not overly large, and will serve you well as your EDC carry knife come hell or high tide.


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