A hybrid warfare center is needed,will come operational in 2017

Finnish minister of Defense Dr. Jussi Niinistö announced today that Finland will set up a hybrid warfare center in 2017, and invites NBP9 countries to join in. This center is goingo to concentrate on “gray area power plays” and hybridwarfare, as waged now a days by Russian Government. (Link HERE in Finnish)

Finnish authorities got a sample of Russian chutzpah last weekend when a couple of Russian diplomats snatched three children from children safety officials in Seinäjoki, and transported them to Russian embassy in Helsinki. There has not been anything in mainstream news, which might indicate a cover up or finlandization in practice. This is of course embarrassing, as police was there but would not stop CD marked cars.

Two Finnish born Russian propaganda warriors Mr Backman and Janitskin were gleeful about the supposed heroics done by diplo service. As I mentioned this happenstance has not been mentioned in MS media, which might indicate that officials cannot talk, since they would be discussing a certain case, or in general somebody is trying to keep things under lids.

Mr Janitckin the head of Donbass broadcasting corporation is under examination by the police and the police would like to have him arrested. District court has not yet given the a apprehension order.

Interesting times we live in…

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