The Police reserve and “unidentifiable military troops”

Finnish “Aluevalvonta laki”, Area control law ja “Rikoslaki”, criminal law, have been out of date. There has been a hole of a size of a “little green man” in these laws. Cabinet will be giving proposal that should plug this hole in near future. In essence this allows military force to be used against individuals that cannot be readily identified as members of another country’s military forces. Ministry of Defence announced that they want the legislation to be augmented ASAP. Kaleva in finnish unfortunately.

The Police have been at the same thing, and are just now looking into FDF’s “unallocated reserve” ie the troops that are trained but are not currently allocated to units. Police is building their own reserve, and are looking to recruit military police trained reservist to get them into their allocation. They will also be looking to get ex policemen and retired policemen to join into police reserves. KSML in FIN.

Thirdly. Military assistance law has nudged forward. This law will allow FDF to GIVE and RECEIVE military aid in war times. This is because France asked for military assistance after Batclan 2015, but Finnish legislation would not allow it. It also changes the fat that now army professionals can be ordered into combat operations abroad.

Still the EU response to President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö have been disappointing. EU countries are not willing to pledge that Lisbon treaty obliges them to give military assistance to Finland in war times. It seems Finland will be edging towards NATO more and more. Which is nice.

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